Thoughts on the Inner Journey
My friend pointed to one of her guests: "Trust-funder." I responded, "If I had trust funds, I would write and write and never worry if I made money!"

Well, what if the woman didn't know she was a trust-funder with unlimited access to funds or simply didn't try to tap the funds? In truth, we are all trust-funders; the challenge lies in "trusting the fund." In other words, placing our faith in Source, God, the Universe.  "But she has cash in the bank," you argue, "she gets a bill, she just writes a check."  Yes, some have been borne into wealth or learned to attract it but behind that wealth is the substance of God; you may believe her trust fund is her source, but her true source lies within.  Embrace that idea, and you will find it a heck of a lot more comforting than cash, jobs or investments. The Universal Mind which created us also sustains us.  The Fund of wealth, health, ideas, energy, and joy awaits withdrawal; it is inexhaustible; and the name on the Account is yours!  Namaste